Samsung debuts Galaxy Watch with improved battery and health features | VentureBeat

Yet another announcement from Samsung. I’m sure this will be a good watch choice for Android users and I admit that the styling is attractive. As for me, I’m staying with the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch is shipping on the 24th of this month.  —- Samsung is officially saying goodbye to the “Gear” smartwatch brand in favor of a new name — Galaxy Watch. And as it announced today at its Unpacked event in New York …

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announced with 6.4-inch screen and a huge battery – The Verge

For all you Android fans, this looks like a winner! You can pre-order it starting today. —- The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers some of the best specs of any Android smartphone available today. Preorders start on August 10th, and it goes on sale on August 24th. — Read on

2018 iPhones: Everything We Know

New iPhones and iPads are expected to be announced next month. Don’t buy a new device now! —- Apple is rumored to be introducing three iPhones in 2018: Two OLED models measuring in at 5.8 and 6.5 inches and a 6.1-inch lower-cost LCD model. Read on iPad 2018 rumors: iOS 12 beta 5 hints at rounded display corners for iPad Pro:

General Magic: Oral History of the Influential Tech Company

About 20 years before the iPhone was introduced, a small group at Apple had a vision for a personal communicator. This was before the Internet existed and during a time when the only cell phones were huge bricks with massive batteries in a bag. This group spun out of Apple before Steve Jobs returned into a company called General Magic. This is a fascinating account of that history and the work that ultimately resulted in the creation of social media …

Update Now for Messages in iCloud!

I’ve been waiting for this feature for what seems like forever, ever since it was announced at the WWDC developer’s conference in June of last year. A year later,  just a week before the 2018 conference, Apple has FINALLY rolled out Messages in iCloud with this week’s iOS 11.4 update. What this means is that not only will you be able to receive a text message on both your iPhone and iPad (you can do that today, it usually works), …

Police across the US are buying an affordable iPhone cracker

Affordable? Agencies spend $30,000 for a device to unlock iPhones that will surely be rendered obsolete by Apple in an upcoming iOS update. Your tax dollars at work! More and more authorities in the US are getting access to an affordable device that can unlock iPhones, according to Motherboard. The publication’s investigatio… — Read on