Living with Google Home Mini sparked my interest in HomePod, but leaves me still skeptical of smart speakers

Interesting read. Of course we can’t yet compare anything to Apple’s HomePod as it’s shipping date has been delayed until next year. Do you own a smart speaker? Amazon Echo or Google Home? Do you use it much? Are you thinking about purchasing Apple’s HomePod? I have an Amazon Echo Dot and really don’t use it for much. Apple’s HomePod is interesting in that it is primarily being billed as an amazing speaker with Siri integration. Expensive though compared to …

Apple’s Greg Joswiak Talks iPhone X Face ID, Display and A11 Chip

Some people think owning a $1,000 phone is just crazy. However, when you’re a geek like me who appreciates its amazing face recognition technology, its stunning photos & video, and the speed and elegance of the user interface, the iPhone X is worth every penny. Learn more about the tech in Apple’s flagship phone and why so many agree with me.

Amazon Prime Video arrives on Apple TV

Great news! We love Amazon Prime Video and it’s now so great on our Apple TVs as a native app. Hundreds of shows and series in 4K and so much easier for Christine to enjoy her PBS series. Not to mention their huge library of free movies and shows. This has been a long time coming!