iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad Update Available Today!

It’s just after noon Eastern time and I’m eagerly awaiting today’s expected release of Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 12. This free update is chock full of goodies that not only gives you cool new features on your iDevices, but also dramatically improves the performance of all the iPhone and iPad models it runs on (nearly all of them). Yes, this is an update you are going to want to download as soon as you …

Apple Announces New iPhones and a New Apple Watch!

IPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr As expected, Apple announced three new iPhone models today. There are two new high-end models of the iPhone X, the Xs and the Xs Max. The Xs has the same screen as the current iPhone X, but the Max touts a HUGE 6.5″ screen contained in a phone that’s the same physical size as the iPhone 7 & 8 Plus models. This is possible because the screen goes all the way to the phone’s edges and …

Millions of Android Devices Are Vulnerable Out of the Box | WIRED

Yet another reason to use the iPhone rather than an Android device. Security and privacy! —- Android smartphones from Asus, LG, Essential, and ZTE are the focus of a new analysis about risks from firmware bugs introduced by manufacturers and carriers. — Read on

Samsung debuts Galaxy Watch with improved battery and health features | VentureBeat

Yet another announcement from Samsung. I’m sure this will be a good watch choice for Android users and I admit that the styling is attractive. As for me, I’m staying with the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch is shipping on the 24th of this month.  —- Samsung is officially saying goodbye to the “Gear” smartwatch brand in favor of a new name — Galaxy Watch. And as it announced today at its Unpacked event in New York …

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announced with 6.4-inch screen and a huge battery – The Verge

For all you Android fans, this looks like a winner! You can pre-order it starting today. —- The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers some of the best specs of any Android smartphone available today. Preorders start on August 10th, and it goes on sale on August 24th. — Read on