Easily Setup a Custom Email Address

Do you have your email @Gmail.com, @Yahoo.com, @Hotmail.com, @Comcast.net, @ATT.net or even (gasp!) @AOL.com?  Wouldn’t you rather have an email address @YourName.com?  Maybe you never thought it was possible?

Did you know that when you have your email account @comcast.net, for example, that if you ever leave Comcast as your Internet provider you will no longer be able to use that email address?  Sure, you can export the email to another email service, but you lose the email address.  Or what if Yahoo decides to get out of the email business?  Your email address @Yahoo.com is gone.

If, however, you have your own custom email address on your own domain name (You@Yourname.com) you can easily change email providers and keep your personal email address.  For example, one of my email addresses is scott@bigbaldgeek.com, which I’ve been using for quite some time.  I moved it today from Google to iCloud, using the steps described in the video found in this article.*  It was very easy to do.

If you are using an iPhone, iPad and/or a Mac, Apple has made this very easy to do.  They even let you purchase your personal domain name right on your phone!  It’s very cool and something worth considering.  Check out the article on 9to5Mac for more info and get your own custom email address.

*Note: The video is a year old and the iCloud service is no longer in beta. You simply sign in to your iCloud.com account to set it up.

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