Is the New iPad Pro Worth the Price?

The new iPad Pro is an amazing iPad that will give you years of service. But is it really worth the premium price Apple is asking for it? I believe the answer depends on what your primary use is for the device. If you are a graphic artist looking for the ultimate drawing tool, I would say the answer is absolutely YES!

However, if you’re simply looking to replace a MacBook or other laptop computer, I’m just not convinced that it’s worth the price. While some would disagree with me, I still believe that you still can’t beat a laptop for overall versatility and value. Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s the opinion of another leading tech journalist from The Verge (video directly below). And for even more details on the new iPads, check out this article.

Nilay Patel’s Video Review (The Verge)

Rene Ritchie’s Video Review of the new iPad Pro (iMore)

My Suggestion for Most of Us
Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad for surfing the net, reading and answering email. Fact is, I wouldn’t want to be without an iPad, but I’m not about to abandon my MacBook. If you’re in the market for something new and you’re thinking about replacing your current laptop with an iPad, I’d suggest you go with the 9.7″ entry level model. You can even use an Apple Pencil with it now! For $329 it’s an amazing device and will give you the iPad experience for a minimal investment. Get a Bluetooth keyboard if you find that you need an external keyboard and you’ve still got a lot less invested than the new iPad Pro without a keyboard. I like the Apple Magic keyboard with the Canopy keyboard case for a versatile solution that serves as a case for the keyboard, as well as a stand for the iPad or any other iOS device, including your iPhone!

Use it for awhile to see if you really are able to go all-in before you spend the money on the iPad Pro. You can always sell or trade-in the 9.7″ for a Pro if you find the iPad meets all of your needs and you decide you need the extra speed and power of the Pro.

The New MacBook Air
If the iPad doesn’t quite give you everything you need in a portable device, take a close look at the new MacBook Air to replace your aging laptop. It’s a great choice for most of your portable computing needs, providing a full Mac experience at a reasonable price!

Rene Ritchie’s Video Review of the New MacBook Air (iMore)


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