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Welcome to the Big Bald Geek’s blog, or what I call my “Geekdom.” The Dictionary of American Slang defines Geekdom as “The world or domain of geeks and nerds.” says Geekdom is “the state of being a geek, esp. awkward, technological, or intellectual persons as a group.” Since this is my domain and I am clearly a geek (although not a particularly awkward geek), I was inspired to call my blog my Geekdom.

Though these posts I’ll share information I believe is important for my clients to know about their personal technology. Think of me as your technology curator, sifting though the volumes of information about the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other PC’s then sharing and commenting on those articles that I believe are most helpful and practical for the ordinary user.

I read dozens of technology articles daily and many contain important information about how to better use your iPhone, iPad or computer to improve your productivity or enhance your online security. I will link to these articles, calling out the key points they make so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to make your device do something you need it to do.

So often my clients are not even aware of the importance of certain steps they should take to be safe on the internet. Many don’t know how to set up an effective and automated backup strategy, ensuring that your important digital data is kept safe from disaster or theft.

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