New iPhones and iOS 13 Updates – So Much Goodness!

Many have asked me if I got the new iPhone 11. Yes I did, the Pro Max model!

Why? Primarily because of its amazing cameras (3 of them) and the underlying software that allows them to take the best images you have ever seen on a smartphone. I’m not kidding.

Here are my first photos showing the focal length of each of the three camera lenses (click an image to enlarge it):

New ultra-wide angle lens (13mm)


Standard lens (26mm)


Telephoto lens (52mm)

There are MANY other reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 Pro, but for me the camera system clinched it. The iPhone 11 (vs. the 11 Pro) has just two cameras, the ultra-wide angle and the standard camera (no telephoto), but for the price it is an AMAZING phone and probably the best choice for most people. See the Ars Technica review below for all the details.

Simultaneously with the release of the new iPhones, Apple released a major update to iOS, the “operating system” that makes the iPhone and iPad work. iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 are packed with new features and enhancements that makes even older phones & iPads much more capable. Even if you don’t get a new phone, you owe it to yourself to update to iOS 13.

One more thing. I’m able to upgrade my iPhone every year by participating in the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program. It’s a payment plan with interest-free monthly payments based on a 24 month term. It includes AppleCare+ extended warranty and allows you to trade-in your phone each year for the new model. The graphic shows the monthly payment for a 64GB iPhone 11.

The Reviews
These are in-depth reviews that are well worth a read if you are considering upgrading your phone or just want to get the most out of iOS 13. Highly recommended!

MacStories in-depth review of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13:

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review:

iPhone 11 Review from Ars Technica:

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Review from Ars Technica:

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