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As I relaunch this website, I’ve decided to add a regular news & rumor feature where I curate the overwhelming amount of daily tech news for those who use tech, but aren’t tech geeks like myself. My goal is to find a few notable news and rumor items weekly that may be of interest. In that I have a bias toward Apple products, I primarily plan to share news and rumors concerning iPhone, Mac and apps for these devices. Please let me know if you find any of this useful!

Today’s hottest rumors from MacRumors.com regarding new Apple products:

  1. iOS 17 & New Macs – The new operating system for the iPhone is expected to be announced at Apple’s June developer conference (WWDC). What is expected? Apple is also expected to introduce new Macs at WWDC in June. This may not be a good time to buy a new Mac. Wait until the announcement before you pull the trigger on a new purchase.
  2. iPhone 15 – While still a few months away, rumors are starting to pile up concerning Apple’s next iPhone, expected to be announced in September.

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