The Geekiest Credit Card Ever!

Apple is rolling out its new credit card and I’m so excited to have received mine! It is a white titanium card with only my name on it, nothing else except the Mastercard, Apple and Goldman Sachs logos. Yep, a METAL credit card…so cool!

The process for getting one is simple, as long as you have an iPhone. Request the card by entering your Apple ID email address on the Apple Card page of Apple’s website (near the bottom of the page). Soon you’ll receive an invitation to apply for the card using the Wallet app on your iPhone. Within a minute or two you’ll be approved and informed of your credit limit and interest rate, which is as low as 12.99% for those with good credit. Within a few days your physical card will arrive in the mail, if you request it. However, you don’t need a physical card to begin using Apple Card. You’ll be able to use it immediately at merchant or website that accepts Apple Pay.

When your card arrives in the mail, you activate it by simply holding your iPhone against the cardboard envelope that holds it. No calling in to activate…it happens right on your phone, immediately. In my excitement to examine the card and put it in my wallet, I almost missed this step!

In addition to it’s high-tech features, the Apple Card rewards you with either 1%, 2% or 3% DAILY cash back on every purchase. You’ll get 1% when you use the physical card or purchase online with your card number, expiration date and security (CVV) code just as you would with any credit card. This info can be accessed in the Wallet app. When you purchase using Apple Pay with your phone, Apple Watch or on sites that accept it, you’ll get 2% cash back. And when you buy something from Apple using Apple Pay (iPhone, Mac, accessories, etc.) you’ll be rewarded with 3% cash back!

There are no annual fees to have an Apple Card and each of your charges are easily accessible in the Wallet app. Apple also provides reporting in the app to help you monitor your purchases and track your spending trends. This is NOT your parents’ credit card!

Check out all the details on Apple’s website. If you have a geek streak in your blood you’re going to want one, guaranteed! And if you don’t have a geek streak, you’re still going to want this card for it’s ease of use and simple tools to help you track your spending.

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